Triops FAQ

What are Triops?

Triops are a small group of crustaceans that are found in temporary bodies of fresh or brackish water, with the scientific name is Triops Longicaudatus. They are often know as "Shield Shrimp" and "living fossil".

They have survived virtually unchanged for almost 200 over million years, which means they were swimming around in pools of water when the first dinosaurs walked the Earth! Now, when its the human era, they are still here!

How many species are there?

There are at least 15 known species.

How big can Triops grow to?

Average Triops grow up to 6cm, with exceptions growing up to 10cm.

How long they can live?

If you keep them in good health, average Triops can live up to 3 months.

Why so short a lifespan?

Triops have evolved to be like this! In the wild, they hatch out of their eggs within 24 hours of a pool of rain water forming over them. They then eat and grow and eat again to grow as quickly as possible before the pool of water evaporates.

How fast they grow?

Within 7-10 days of hatching, they are fully adult and can lay 10 eggs a day. They continue to grow in size every day. 

What do they do?

They swim, eat and grow a lot! They are always at their best entertainment peak with they performing acrobatic cartwheels while looking for food.

How do Triops eat and swim?

Triops often swims on its back to sweep food into its mouth by using its many legs (approx. 72 pairs of legs).

How do I know if my Triops is healthy?

An healthy adult Triops will have a bright red color chest!

How long does my Triops reach adulthood?

Average Triops will reach adulthood in about 8 to 10 days.

My Triops is shedding, what is happening?

Triops grows by shedding its exoskeleton, the entire external skeleton that supports and protects it body. Hence, it is a normal growing process so do not worry!

Do they bite?

No. Their mouth is very small and there is no chance of it happening!

Why didn't my Triops hatch within 24 hours?

Please check if the water temperature is between 72-84F. If it is within the range, the temperature will appear on the temperature strip.

How do I raise or lower the temperature to be 72-84F?

If it is too cold, you may try putting a light directly above the water container. If it is hot, you may try putting the water container in a cooler place, away from direct sunlight.

What water should I use for my Triops?

Triops will need clean natural water (eg. Spring, purified, distilled water). Singapore tap water contains chlorine and hence, can only be used after you use Anti-Chlorine or AquaSafe to remove the chlorine. You can purchase these products from any aquarium shop.

How long should I keep the lights on?

Triops would need about 12 - 16 hours of lighting (Natural or lamp)

Can I add aquarium plants to my tank?

We do not recommend adding too many aquarium plants. However, a few live aquarium Java moss may be added and Triops will feed on them. Do not place decoration items as it may affect Triops.

How do they breath under water?

They are very ancient creatures and long ago evolved the ability to breath with their feet! Fish have gills in the sides of their head. Triops have their gills in their legs!

Do they really have three eyes?

Yes, Triops have been around a long time and have evolved some strange things. One of their eyes sense light so it knows which way is 'up'. Whilst the other two eyes look out for predators or snacks.

Are they easy to rear at home?

Yes, they are very easy to raise. All you need is to purchase our UANTriops Package and you are ready to go!

What about feeding them?

Food is included in the UANTriops package.

What if I run out of UANTriops food?

You can purchase it from various leading Aquarium shops. Alternatively, you can order it online and we would advise you in collection of the product.

Can I feed Triops with other food?

You can feed them with any natural food that have no chemical components in it. However, to be safe, use the food given in the UANTriops pack!

Is it expensive to keep them?

Not at all. For S$20, you can get the full package to start off with! The only thing that you would need to pay for after that would be water!

I would want my Triops to live a life of luxury!

Of course you can! You may want to buy Aquarium tanks, air filters and special food to ensure their Triops live the high life!